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We generated a custom-made database, whereby we could systematically score specific aspects of tumour behaviour, allowing us to record a detailed analysis of how each gene knockdown affected tumour behaviour. This database consists of 33 phenotypic categories where each animal with lgl mutant + RNAi knockdown clones is scored relative to animals with lgl mutant clones alone. Each category describes an aspect of tumour behaviour. Categories include clone size and shape, number of dividing cells, number of invading cells, apex size, junction defects, cytoskeletal defects, multilayering etc. The scoring system we employed reflected the fact that gene knockdown could either positively or negatively affect specific aspects of tumour behaviour (see Key to Categories). A minimum of 5 animals were analysed per gene knockdown and each animal was scored blind by two researchers.

This resource allows users to download all raw data from the screen, including the database (all scores given for each animal for every RNAi line), and all high-resolution images.

Images are available to download as combined TIFFs. Each TIFF is a z-series from a single animal. Z-series were acquired using 1 μm z-sectioning. If all clones did not fit in a single window, two windows (i.e. two z-series) were taken from the same animal. These are clearly indicated as w1 and w2.


Download the entire database