Fly Cancer Screen

An in vivo systematic genetic analysis of tumour progression in Drosophila

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The fly cancer screen is a Cancer Research UK supported project, which uses the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, to identify conserved genes that enhance or suppress epithelial tumour progression.

Using the genetic amenability of the fly we generated labelled tumours with specific genotypes in the living animal and carried out a detailed systematic loss-of-function analysis. We generated a database with 33 different phenotypic categories, each describing a specific aspect of tumour behaviour (see below). This allowed us to record a detailed analysis of how each gene knockdown affected tumour behaviour. See our About page for more information on the screen.

This website is designed to make our database as accessible and user-friendly as possible to all researchers. The database is fully searchable, allowing users to search for their favourite gene, or for the top hits in a particular category. All high-resolution images are available to download.

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